Will we move furniture? 

Yes, we arrive in cleaning teams of two to help with moving and cleaning.  We will move tables and chairs that are a manageable size. We will clean around any large objects that can not be moved.  Please have rooms free of all small items for an efficient cleaning.

How do I get a quote? 

We provide over the phone quotes, email and text. Please provide a description of what is to be cleaned and the approximate area to be cleaned in feet. We do not charge extra for removing stains. We expect there to be stains and that’s the reason for calling us. If you have pictures feel free to send them along with your inquiry.

Do we have Coupons and Discounts? 

We are not a discount cleaner. We charge a fair price with excellent service and results. We do leave the door open to offer special promotions.

What payment do you accept?

We accept all credit cards, cash, check and venmo.  Payment is due at time of cleaning completion.

When to schedule?

Plan on scheduling at least one week out before service is needed but two is better.

How long will it take to clean all the carpets?

The average service call is 2 hours.

How long will it take for the carpets to dry?

Carpets can dry in as little as one hour. We do not saturate carpets that can take days to dry.