Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

We use top of the line modern carpet cleaning equipment and detergents that do not soak the carpets for days.  Our low moisture method of cleaning leaves carpets cleaner with no soapy residue remaining on the carpet. 

Our process starts with a thorough vacuuming using commercial grade vacuums with hospital grade filtration.  Once fully vacuumed a pre-treatment cleaning solution is applied to all high traffic areas including spots and stains. For the remaining areas a general broadcast treatment is applied to all of the carpet followed by a gentle brushing.  Once the treatment has set we then use our low moisture machines to remove the dirt and moisture from the carpets. With the carpets clean we can then perform a final vacuuming and grooming of the carpets for a like new appearance.  With our process we can remove 99% of all allergens and leave your sanitized carpets looking like new with a deodorized, fresh and clean fragrance.  Carpets can be dry in as little as one hour.